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Duties of sectional PWI, in-charge PWI and ADEN

Duties of PWI (sectional)

• General Responsibilities

• Knowledge of Rules and Regulations
• Coordination with Works, Bridge and Staff of Other Departments
• Routine Inspection of Track
• Annual Maintenance Works
• Check on Patrolling
• Execution of works affecting Track
• Action in case of Emergency
• Maintenance of LWR/CWR Track
• Witnessing Payments to Staff
Duties of Permanent Way Inspector (in overall charge)
General Responsibility –

The Permanent Way Inspector is generally responsible for:

• Maintenance and inspection of track in a satisfactory and safe condition for traffic.
• Efficient execution of all works incidental to track maintenance, including track relaying works.
• Accountal and periodical verification of stores and tools in his charge.
• Maintenance of land boundaries between stations and at unimportant stations as may be specified by the administration.

1. Knowledge of Rules and Regulations–

Every Permanent Way Inspector shall have in his possession up-to-date copies of
the following codes and manuals with all correction slips up-to-date –
• Indian Railways Permanent Way Manual,LWR, manual Bridge Manual and
Works track machine,USFD, SKV, Flash butt welding Manual etc.
• Indian Railway General and Subsidiary Rules.
• Indian Railway Track Manual.
• Indian Railway Code for the Engineering Department.
• Schedule of Dimensions.
• Circulars issued by the higher authorities.
2. Co-ordination with Works, Bridge and Staff of other Departments
3. Keeping of Materials
4. Accompanying on Inspections of Higher Officials
5. Testing of Running Qualities of Track
6. Routine inspection of Track
7. Safety of Track:- The Permanent Way Inspector is directly responsible for the
safety of the track. He shall be vigilant to locate faults in the Permanent Way and
promptly remedy them. Track defects which are beyond his powers to remedy
should be immediately brought to the Assistant Engineer’s notice by the
Permanent Way Inspector and mention of the same made in half yearly report on
the condition of Permanent Way on the section. ( 99).
8. Check on Patrolling
9. Execution of Works affecting Track
10. Action in case of Emergency
11. Inspection and maintenance of LWR/CWR Track
12. Measurement of Ballast
13. Station Yards
14. Witnessing Payment to Staff
15. Other Establishment Matters
16. Correspondence and Records
17. Relinquishment of Charge
(As per 99)

Half yearly report on conditions of Permanent Way:- PWI shall submit half yearly reports on the straight of track in his charge to DEN through ADEN in prescribed format. Following particulars-

Track (rail, sleepers, fittings and fastening, ballast, formation and drainage), Point and crossing (Details of T/outs requiring frequent attentions), Bridges and approaches (Details of bridges having problem of creep, condition of sleeper and
fittings), Level Crossings(Details of Level crossings having road surfaces and approach road requiring attention slope of approach road visibility, over due overhauling), Fencing and Boundary post, Imprest (store/cash) (Complete or not,
any delay in supply/recoupment), Man power (adequate or not, absence for sickness, seasonal absence, low output due to overage/higher average age, man days lost due to special features such as patrolling etc vacancies.), Infrastructure (Availability of traffic block working of material train,/ballast train , machines for maintenance and renewal works(their workings and shortfalls in schedule and problems, if any), Vulnerable locations, Engineering materials in ARTs, Small track machines, Functioning of reconditioning workshops for turnouts and SEJs, Periodic Medical Examination/Refresher of safety category staff (Details of staff overdue for periodic medical examination/refresher), Encroachment on railway land between stations, Item to which special attentions is directed in the interest of the safety of traveling public (Reference to be made to previous items and supply of stores is involved requisition numbers should be quoted), Material under trial (Progress and performance.)

As per Correction Slip No. 106

The existing Para 124(2) (a) of IRPWM shall be modified by the following:- Para 124(2) Level Crossing Inspection (a) He should ensure that all the level crossings are opened out as per schedule to examine the condition of rails, sleepers and fastening and defects are rectified.

Duties of ADEN (as per CS.No. 101)

Trolley Inspection – The entire sub-division should be inspected by trolley once a month, as much inspection as possible being done by push trolley. On sections having multiple lines running closely parallel trolley inspection may be carried out on any of the lines. The inspection by trolley should be intensive, which should include checking of attendance of gang, gang work and equipment and examination of gang charts/diary books with reference to the prescribed schedule of track maintenance. During his inspection, he should check the work done by one or two gangs in each PWIs jurisdiction and record the results of his inspection.

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