Thursday, March 29, 2018

Height Gauges on Electrified Section

(a) Adequate arrangements shall be made to erect height gauges on either side of the overhead equipment or other equipment at every level crossing so as to ensure that all vehicles and moving structures passing under the height gauge also pass under the overhead equipment or other equipment with adequate clearance.

(b) The adequate clearance referred to in sub rule  (a) shall be sanctioned under approved special instructions.

(c) Height Gauges should be located at a minimum distance of 8 meter from gate
posts. In exceptional circumstances where site conditions do not permit, Chief Engineer can give exemption in these standards subject to a minimum of 8 meter
distance from the centre line of the track. Road surface upto this point may be at the same level as the road surface inside the gate posts.

(d) Vehicles and moving structures, which can not pass under the height gauge without striking or touching it, shall not be permitted to pass the overhead equipment or other equipment except in accordance with special instructions.
Refresher Courses – It will be necessary to conduct Refresher Courses to enable the staff to keep themselves abreast with the latest rules and techniques. Keymen, Mates, Permanent Way Supervisors and SSE/SE/JE (P.Way) should be sent for Refresher Courses once in five years. In the Refresher Courses, all subjects pertaining to the concerned categories shall be dealt with as enumerated under promotional courses but the extent of coverage will be on a limited scale. The duration of the Refresher Courses shall be two weeks. ( 113)

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