Thursday, March 29, 2018

Maintenance of Level Crossing, Examination of Gate equipment and Gateman

(1) By Permanent Way Inspectors –

(a) Obstruction of view : All trees, bushes or undergrowth that interfere or tend to interfere with the view from the Railway or road way when approaching level crossings, should be cut down taking care to comply with the procedure laid down.

(b) Inspection and Maintenance –

(i) Each level crossing except those laid with PSC sleepers must be opened out and the condition of sleepers and fittings, rails and fastenings inspected at least once a year or more frequently, as warranted by conditions. However, level crossings laid with PSC sleepers should be overhauled with each cycle of machine packing or more frequently as warranted by conditions and in no case shall opening be delayed by more than two years. In all cases, rails and fastenings in contact with the road shall be thoroughly cleaned with wire brush and a coat of coal tar/anti corrosive paint applied. Flange way clearances, cross level, gauge and alignment should be checked and corrected as necessary, and the track packed thoroughly before reopening the level crossing for road traffic.

(ii) The painting of gates and discs should be done at regular intervals.

(iii) The Permanent Way Inspector should keep a manuscript register of repairs for all level crossings on his section. This register should show the date of opening, the condition of sleepers with their age and time, the date and type of each sleeper changed and other requisite particulars.

(iv) The Permanent Way Inspector will be responsible for the proper upkeep and
maintenance of whistle boards and ‘STOP’ boards provided on the approaches to
level crossings.

(v) Check rails of level crossing are required to be removed for tamping operations, overhauling of level crossings, Destressing of LWR or track renewals etc. Check rails should be re-fixed as quickly as possible and preferably before leaving site. Should a situation arise where check rails cannot be re-fixed for any reason and trains have to be passed, a speed restriction of 30 kmph should be imposed besides ensuring that road traffic is diverted till the check rails are put in place. In case such diversion is not possible, temporary arrangements should be made for passage of road traffic till the check rails are put in place. However, in both these cases, the check rails should necessarily be provided latest by close of next day. In such cases, a stationary watchman shall be posted to ensure safety.

(c) Checking equipment and examination of Gateman in rules –

(i) The equipment with the Gateman shall be checked by Permanent Way Inspector once in a month.

(ii) The Permanent Way Inspector shall ensure that the Gateman have a correct knowledge of rules by examining them periodically during his trolly inspection and on appointment, promotion or transfer. He should not only educate them in rules, but also conduct practical demonstration of protection of level crossing in case of emergency. Surprise day/night inspection of level crossing should be carried out to ensure presence and alertness of Gateman.

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