Thursday, March 29, 2018

Records of Material under Trial (As per 99)

1. CTEs of Zonal Railways may order limited trials of simple items which don’t infringe with existing provision of standard specification or instructions laid down in manuals/codes. Before undertaking the trial complete scheme of trial should be well chalked out including the parameters to be periodically measured/chalked official to measure/check, periodicity of measurement/checking and Performa in which measurements/observations to be recorded, CRS shall also be kept informed about such trials.

2. The Zonal Railways should periodically inform RDSO about such trials to maximize advantage.

3. Registers:-ADEN shall maintain a register.
4. Particulars of entries

Name of material, Kilometerage where laid, Date of laying, Object of trial, Nature and condition of ballast, Nature and type of formation, Track details, Behavior, Any other relevant information.
5. Trial Lengths:-Near ADENs Head quarter.(Between stations and location)

6. Indication Plates (with description and location)

7. Removal of materials under trial:- ADEN should report to DEN with his special note if removal is required by any reason like relaying/alteration.

8. Submission of Assistant Engineer’s Register to Divisional Engineer:- The report submitted by ADEN should be forwarded to CTE by DEN with remarks.

9. Permanent Way Inspector’s Records:- ADEN should register his remarks during his regular inspection about the material under trial in a register maintained by PWI.

10. The DEN should ensure the stretch of track should be maintained to desired standard.

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