Friday, March 30, 2018

Maintenance in Electrified Area

Precaution to be taken during works in electrified area: -

• Engineering staff should be aware of rules framed for working in electrified areas.
• The track should be left when train is 250m away.
• No work shall be done in danger zone i.e., within a distance of 2m from live parts without taking “permit to work “.
• The trees and its branches should be atleast 4 m away from the nearest live conductor. They should be cut or trimmed periodically. The cutting and trimming should be done in the presence of TRD staff.
• Fallen wire should not be touched before power is switched off and wire is suitably earthed.
• Any break down in the OHE traction bond should be reported to TPC.
• While working on station roofs and signal gantries adjacent to live OHE, the metallic tape and tools should not be used.

• All electrical equipments, power line, cables shall be regarded as being live at 25 KV at all time.
• For excavation work adjacent to track, the minimum distance should not be infringed and the intimation in writing should be given to concern TRD staff.
• The lifting and slewing of track must not be done beyond the agreed maintenance limits.
• The bond removed by engineering department shall be replaced by engineering department and replacement shall be reported to TRD department.
• The movement of crane in section shall be in the presence of OHE staff.
• The top of foundation block of electrified structure should be kept clear of all material.
• In single line jumpering should be done under power block.
• In case of renewal or replacement of rail the jumpering should be done so that current may get by pass route.
• Rails unloaded along the tracks should not be touched one another to form a continuous mass of length greater than 300m to avoid metallic induction.
• The metallic structure like fencing post should be bonded together and earthed to avoid metallic induction.
• In case of fire near by the electrical equipment the P.Way staff shall attempt to extinguish it and shall report to the nearest station master.
• Electrified section the ballast should be clean, hard and well drained.
• The P.Way tools should be used in the manner approved by Chief Engineer

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